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Sculpture made from willow, terracotta, stone, resin and other materials. On the exhibiting page you will find a list of where some of the sculpture can be seen.

March 2014

Tango pieces, glazed. Dance, but differently expressed this time. Melting together in the kiln and on the dance floor.



Last term was one of the best yet at Stoke Lodge, Bristol. The grounds at the adult learning centre are beginning to look beautiful as the spring comes again. The Clay Sculpture from Life course is gearing up to begin again on Wednesdays from April 23rd.

February 2014

Beautiful boy. Finished and waved goodbye to this. It is a one off fired, waxed polished terracotta portrait. Grandma is pleased!

January 2014

This is Kyla's dog 'Alfie'. Handsome hound isn't he?

Embracing dancers, blue glaze.

Hug II @ 25 cm

On Wednesday 8th January a new series of Clay Sculpture from Life Classes begin at Stoke Lodge Adult Learning Centre.

Immortalizing the immortal.

I am looking forward to this new term very much. There are ten sessions, all on Wednesday afternoons, and most weeks we will have a life model, starting with the 6 months pregnant Steph, for the first 3 weeks. What a treat. Clay and tools are provided. The course costs £180 or £90 concessionary rate, and there is also a fee for the model, usually about £30 for the term. If work is fired when complete, which can be arranged, that costs on average £3 per item.

To see more of what we do, there is a Facebook page for the class:

To enrol find us on the Adult Learning section of Bristol City Council’s website : https://adultlearning.bristol.gov.uk/courses/

You can pay pro rata now we have begun the term, or  if unable to attend all the sessions.

Dcember 2013

'So Long'. New limited edition piece. Experimenting with finishes.

November 2013

The Speilman Centre at Arnos Vale Cemetery

Frontroom, the Totterdown Art Trail is always a fine and warmhearted event, with so much to see and do in that friendly and creative little corner of Bristol. This year I was invited to put some sculpture on show at Arnos Vale Cemetery, at The Spielman Centre. Not only an honour but also a great photo opportunity. I have spent some time making big ‘flower arrangements’ in the last few days. My pictures do not give much of an impression of the vibrant and varied art and craft on show or the number of people around place over the weekend. Special mention to the works made by the group from the Milestones Trust whose residency at Arnos Vale Cemetery in the summer has produced photographs, ceramics, sound and paintings.

In the crypt

Laura and her buddha in the cemetery


My 'Sleepwalker' with part of the floral backdrop

'Path' and 'H'

OMDs (Oh my Dawgs)

Yes, it is a rock musician in the crypt.

Man Without Wings

Well behaved visitor.

Some of the yarn bombing.


Exhibiting some sculpture in Cabot Circus with Clifton Fine Art. What a lovely gallery space. We will be there until mid December at least.
This is a show with some unusual pasties, heartwarming views of our lovely Bristol, Roma romanticism in big bold colour, soft Bristol Channel scenes, fine oils of misty landscape, Barbie and Ken in modern psychodrama, very intriguing boxes, and weird wildlife.
So, something for everyone. http://cliftonfineart.com/

West Bristol Arts Trail this weekend: 12th and 13th October. Sophie will be showing new sculpture at 13 Auburn Road with Julia Cooper, Melanie Pike, Jane Cooper (recently Bristol Prize winner), Beth Richmond and Frances Gard. Come and visit us at 13 Auburn Road. http://www.westbristolarts.com/

Marvellous Girl



Stone Statue

September 2013
On Sunday we had our  second annual Sculpture on the Beach Day at Sand Bay, which is the second best beach in the world. The weather was very varied, and I will post some of the other pictures when I can. Its a free event, for anyone to come to and I shall convene it again next September. Thanks to all that came. Our official bard wrote some poetry which I will post too.

Beach Sculpture Day

two o'clock and all is well

the beginning of a wish

'S' by SS

August 2013
The Haymarket Gallery, 3, Haymarket Walk, Bristol, BS1 3LN opens this Sunday.
A new gallery launching in Bristol City Centre and I am glad to be involved. Join us on September 1st for this. All welcome.

Gallery at 500 Feet.
A photo from Gallery at 500feet in Lynton, North Devon. I have some of my horses and some tango sculptures on display there now.  http://www.gallery500feet.com/

July 2013
Glad to be exhibiting with these lovely painters at Bristol’s home of fine design.

Willow workshops at Backwell School making masks.

May 2013
At Philadelphia Street Gallery, Cabot Circus for May with Clifton Fine Art.

The Sleepwalker

Philadelphia Street Gallery in Bristol's Cabot Circus

April 2013
My Passions collide……
Alchemy: The Tango Connection has begun at The Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol.
All new pieces-see the Tango Art page for some of the new tango sculptures to be seen in this show.
More info including a map on:
www.grantbradleygallery.co.uk a fine website!

February 2013
Just said goodbye to this pair of ceramic and mixed media figures, called Abide III and Abide IV. They are each about 112cm high. Gone striding off to a new place.

Abide III

Abide III detail

Abide IV 112cm

Abide IV detail

Making new work for the exhibition coming up in April at The Grant Bradley Gallery, with four other visual artists. Nigel Shipley, Ivana Svabic, Harriet Green and Aaron Davies. We are also going to have a lot of tango, with the amazing Eduardo Bozzo, Tango dancer. At the preview, Eduardo will also be joined by Sophie Millner, and they will show us all some moves.
Check out our website for a bit more information.     www.alchemytango.co.uk

January 2013
Sculpture still showing at The Rummer Hotel with beautiful urban photos by Rachelle Aaronson.

November 2012
Pleased with this article about my sculpture in Artsia:  http://www.artsia.com/blog-detail/superadmin/artist-focus-sophie-howard
A few pieces flew away to new homes this month, including ‘Rock’ which was made in 2010 and was sold last month at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, by Peter Quintana of Oc-Eo Art.


October 2012
Its West Bristol Art Trail this weekend and I am exhibiting at 13 Auburn Road, Redland, Bristol,  with Jane and Julia Cooper, and Joanna Butler.  www.westbristolarts.com

Images and words from our little corner of West Bristol.

September 2012 

One Man

‘One Man’ is a new piece.  He and others are now on the Ceramic Originals page.

August 2012
My Paralympic sculptures:  These are at The Grant Bradley Gallery for the duration of the Paralympic Games.
Ellie  Simmonds is such a star.

Ellie Simmonds. Paralympic Swimmer. Ceramic and mixed media sculpture. 28cm high.

another view of Ellie Simmonds


Close up of 'Racer' another Paralympian star.

July 2012
Making more pieces with Vermont Flowers. Here is the latest, ‘Wild Child.

ceramic, preserved leaves, feathers.

June 2012
Glad to be exhibiting on Saturday 9th June at The Lady’s Tango Festival at The Light Temple in Shoreditch. New unique tango sculpture.
Here is a video from that event, including an interview with Sophie at the end.

RG and JC

E and A, blue dress

May 2012

Lizard Princess and Deer Princess

 These two princesses have just been delivered to Anastasia at Vermont Flowers in Bath www.vermont-flowers.co.uk. I am making some more too. The others have sold, so goodbye to ‘Birthday Suit ‘ and ‘Night Flight’

Night Flight

Birthday Suit

April 2012
New tango pieces, and other new work, images of all in Ceramic>Originals, and on the Tango Art page.

Abide II detail

Green for Go

Very 50cm

H in Red 45cm detail

Feb 2012
All the Tango sculptures are on one page now. Click Tango Art on the brown menu panel on the left to have a peep.
 A video (scroll down) of this piece, ‘VV’ men dancing tango. The footage was taken while it was  being made. It was Enya’s idea, Genius Girl, she made it and put it on You Tube. To find it there, search for ‘Sophie Howard Tango’.
Men Dancing Tango

'VV' Men dancing tango.

These three have gone to a new home:

Red Dress

E & A Silver Dress


Jan 2012
New Tango sculpture exhibited with Tango Alchemy  in the New Forest.
dancers through the window

'Spiral' through the window.

New Year 2012.
Sophie’s sculpture showing in Yoko & Co, a beautiful new gallery  and hair salon in Cheap Street, Frome. Also showing some wall size urban photos by Rachelle Aaronson.

Yoko & Co in Frome

Jan 2012.
The ‘XYZ’ series, of which there will eventually be 25 of each has just got a new set. This trio is called ‘XYZ Erosion’.
Erosion.  Y,Z and X
‘Y, Z and X Erosion’
New: video of Sophie making a sculpture

These four pieces sold by Peter of Oc-Eo Art at the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea in October 2011. Goodbye my lovelies.

We had a great OPEN WEEKEND Friday 9th to Sunday 11th September. New sculpture, paintings by Nigel, video, cake.
Have so much enjoyed making these three portraits of sisters, finished in early 2011. Hoping I get asked to do more soon. The finish is quite fine, but during the making stages the surface of these portraits has been more lively.

three sisters by sophie howard

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