These porcelain dogs are now at Room 212, Gloucester Road Central. A proper Aladdin’s Cave it is!

This is ‘Li’. She came back from Iona House Gallery, Oxford on Thursday, and sold on Sunday in Bristol. Her new home is in Penzance, Cornwall. This edition has a few remaining and I will miss her when its over.

‘Vision’ has relocated to Signature Gallery in Kendal. What is she looking at now, Peter?

The Horse Lasses are coming out all together at Jane’s house, Cotham, Bristol. Our show is part of the West Bristol Arts Trail 11th and 12th October 2014.

Probably the only time I can show them all together, and in a great setting. We are Venue number 11.

Term starts Wednesday 24th September and there are still places available on both the afternoon and evening sessions. These ten week courses are suitable for both experienced and new sculptors. The courses are called ‘Clay Sculpture from Life’.

Just completed the Sculpture from Yoga courses. Intense but very enjoyable courses. Thanks to all the participants and our model, who suffered for our art. We will be doing that again.

On September 8th, we made sculpture on the beach at Sand Bay. Perfect weather, and so glad to have you all along. Wonderful sculpture too.