• Su
    Terracotta and mixed media on timber plinth

  • Rise
    Ceramic and mixed media on timber plinth
    Limited Edition of 25

  • Tradition
    Mixed media terracotta original
    72 cm

  • from the Lasses series
    Polished terracotta

  • Lo -detail
    Ceramic hanging glazed and waxed
    Limited edition of 50

  • Ju
    Ceramic hanging with image
    Open edition

  • Speaker
    Polished terracotta

  • Long
    Limited edition terracotta on fixed timber plinth
    68 cm

  • Bru
    Ceramic and Mixed media
    Open Edition

  • Steph
    Glazed stoneware terracotta

  • Sa
    Ceramic hanging
    Open edition

  • Lift
    Ceramic and mixed media on timber plinth 54 cm

  • Kay VIII
    Polished terracotta on reclaimed timber

  • Abandon I
    Ceramic and mixed media on fixed timber plinth
    Original 70 cm

  • Nu
    Polished terracotta
    Limited edition of 50

  • Li
    Glazed terracotta hanging
    Limited edition of 50

  • Z
    Terracotta and mixed media

  • One Man
    Stoneware and timber
    70 cm

  • Lou
    Waxed terracotta on timber plinth 50cm

  • Temple II
    Mixed media and terracotta female form and lamp.
    75 cm