• Joanna and the horses II
    Ceramic sculpture in black and white clay with glazes.
    40cms with plinth

  • Joanna and the horses
    Ceramic relief sculpture in black and white clay with glazes.
    50 cms

  • 'Kellan'
    Terracotta portrait of Kellan at 18months.

  • 'Evan'
    Terracotta portrait of Evan at
    about 3 months old.

  • 'Chief Inspector Andy Bennett'
    Andy Bennett was a chief Inspector for
    Avon and Somerset Constabulary
    till his retirement in 2020.

  • Wedding portrait
    This was commissioned by the
    bride's sister as a wedding gift.

  • 'Zak'
    Beautiful Zak. This is one of a series
    exhibited as part of 'Bristol Faces'.
    A project shared with the painter Varosha Lamb.

  • 'Oscar Husum'
    Oscar's portrait was commissioned by
    his family. Here it is cast in bronze.

  • The original Oscar Husum portrait.
    The first version of Oscar H. Deemed to be
    looking too fierce by his family.

  • 'Rachel and Joseph'
    Rachel commissioned this portrait
    of herself when pregnant with her
    second child. It is terracotta finished
    in bronze resin.

  • 'Rosh'
    This is the original unfired clay
    piece when it was still a work in progress.

  • 'Martha'
    A terracotta portrait. Martha opted to have
    her portrait made as if not wearing clothes.
    Some colour has been added to suggest
    tones in her hair, eyebrows and eyes.

  • 'Jenny'
    A little portrait originally in clay
    but then cast into concrete as see here.

  • 'Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol'
    It took ages to get a chance to have a
    photo shoot with the Mayor. Finally
    I photographed him in the council chamber.
    This is a terracotta portrait.

  • 'Joanna's children'
    This is a white ceramic sculpture.
    It is a portrait of two little ones for
    their grandparents.

  • 'Deasy Bamford'
    This is one of the portraits I am
    most proud of. Terracotta with
    some tints and a wax finish.

  • 'Anne'
    This white ceramic portrait of
    Anne was commissioned by her loving
    husband after her tragic accidental death.

  • 'Guy'
    This little boy will be a grown man
    now. A portrait commissioned by his

  • 'Ben'
    The little brother of Guy.
    Shown as a work in progress.

  • 'Red'
    A terracotta portrait.

  • 'Rhea'
    Baby Rhea. Terracotta with tints and wax.

  • 'Wilson'
    He must be in his 40's by now.
    A delicate little boy.

  • 'Daryl'
    Proud of his presence and his survival,
    Daryl has been through a lot. Terracotta.

  • 'R&W'
    A young woman and her pony.
    Commissioned by her mother.

  • 'Sarah & Tully'
    A ceramic piece finished in bronze resin.

  • 'Beau'
    A bronze portrait.

  • 'Eileen'
    A bronze portrait.

  • 'Gareth'
    Painted cast plaster. If a mould is
    made a number of casts can be
    made in various materials.

  • 'Three sisters'
    I wonder what they are all doing now.
    These are fired and waxed terracotta.

  • 'Gill'
    A terracotta portrait of an award winning
    performer and generally brilliant person.

  • 'Ieuan'
    A very happy commission.

  • 'Michele Curtis'
    Michele painted The Seven Saints of
    St Pauls on vast walls in Bristol. An
    honour to meet her.

  • 'Boy for the garden'
    Life size child for grandparents garden.
    Cast in bronze resin.

  • 'Young acrobat'
    Terracotta portrait of a young acrobat.

  • 'My Father'
    Bronze portrait of my father. He was
    younger than I am now in this portrait.